The Berrow's Journal will almost certainly have been the trigger for conversations across and beyond the Faithful City on Saturday, December 5, 1914.

It was among the first newspapers to begin carrying detail of the 2nd Worcesters' experiences achievements and losses during the weeks since they embarked to France in the August.

The following, sadly, doesn't identify the soldier in question, but his testimony about the counter-attack at Polygon Wood – on Saturday, October 24, 1914 – speaks for itself.

Worcesters' hottest fight

A sergeant of the 2nd Worcesters, whose home is at Winchcomb, writes: "I can tell you briefly what happened about the 24th October, as I think that is the hottest corner we have been in.

"We were suddenly informed that the enemy had broken through in certain part, and our battalion was told off to drive them back. To do this, we had to advance about half-a-mile across open countryside. We started in three lines, the enemy at once spotting us. Our battalion had been under fire as much as any, I dare say, in the British Army; but this was the limit. 

"Shrapnel, rifle bullets, and machine guns ripped the ground up all around us. Just before the last rush, I ordered my comrades to follow me. As I started, I glanced back and found no one following, for the simple reasons every man was hit. I had my coat and trousers ripped up by bullets and pieces of shell. I also felt a jar in the heel of my boot, but I was not touched.

"I go on to a sunken road, and a few more joined up. About a score of Germans had taken refuge behind some tree trunks about five yards in front. Half a dozen of us waited on the poor devils, and as they ran out one by one we potted them like so many rabbits -- it reminded me rather of ferreting.

"Only one got away, and he was an officer. We succeeded in what we were sent to do, but the casualties were very severe."

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