Louis Scully's website has been 12 years in the building and is a stunning testimony for his fascination with all things Worcestershire Regiment. 

It has its roots in his own personal pilgrimage to find out more about his father's time with the 1st Worcesters, where he was posted in 1943 and served for the duration of the Second World War.

"When I first began, I found it was very difficult to obtain relevant information," explains Louis, pictured right.

"But, over time, I managed to track down and contact the officers and men he served with and recorded their stories.

"It was this that inspired me to find out as much as possible about the history of the Worcestershire Regiment."

What followed has been far from an easy task. He soon realised that other people like him would also experience the same problems. The answer was straightforward – set up the Worcestershire Regiment website to share with others all the information he'd collected about the Regiment.

"Over these years, I've spent many hours preparing and uploading pages to my website.

"This is a very time-consuming task, but I feel there are many people out there who benefit from this, which is reward enough."

Generosity knows few limits

With the website now well established, he spends an average of 12 hours a week maintaining the site. 

There's a 'but'. Once he starts working on fresh material, the clock goes out of the window and the task at hand can sometimes stretch to days.

"My research over many years, and my contacts with many old veterans of the Worcestershire Regiment, has resulted in a large private collection. This material includes many photos, soldiers’ accounts and interviews, old books, Regimental magazines, old newspaper articles and other memorabilia of the Worcestershire Regiment."

It's this generosity that knows few limits – the evidence of is spread across this website in the shape of images, facts and figures that he's kindly allowed to be used in this special Battle of Gheluvelt website.

"With the increased interest in family history, today more than ever, families want to learn more about their relatives during in the two World Wars," he adds.

"As time moves on, it's more important that ever to preserve the memories of all those who fought for their country."

If you ever doubt the inspiration for saying that, he has a favourite quote, from an old soldier of the Worcestershire Regiment who told him:

We have earned our place in history and we alone know the price that had to be paid.

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